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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Great AMERICAN made product! Support Veterans who served our country!

    I needed a sling for my Mathews V3, I searched the internet, and the over-priced "Mathews" sling was the first return. I'm not a follower, so the run-of-the-mill Mathews sling was not an option. I searched and came across the Sling a ling setup, and It seemed like a pretty slick setup!! I did some research on YouTube and saw the product in action, and it was a go for me. I ordered the silent lock system and the wrist strap. The system works flawlessly, and the magnet keeps the Sling put on my bow (V3 31 @ 70#'s) while slinging arrows downrange. The best part is you get a custom sling and wrist strap for the same cost as the generic Mathews sling! What's EVEN better is, you are supporting a veteran-owned country by purchasing a product made right here in the USA! I ordered the black Sling and red & black wrist strap; I regret not calling and having a black and red sling made to match my color scheme :)—the sling functions as it should. The weave is tight and looks great; the buckles have a neoprene sleeve to keep them quiet. It adjusts well to fit over your shoulder tight and snugly. The wrist strap is sturdy and easily adjusts to your desired wrist size. The magnet lock system is quiet and holds tight. It adds a little weight, so you may have to adjust your stabilizer a little to offset the weight. Simply put, it is a GREAT product made by a guy who served our great country. Support the little guy, and you won't be disappointed. #Americafirst #USA #thinblueline #JAKTgear #BuiltForBackcountry

    Randy Johnston
    Awesome product - be sure you order right one though

    I have sling a lings on 3 bows and love them. I prefer the fully braided one, not the one with the adjustable strap. Be aware that the adjustable strap one works best on Mathews bows, but I made it worn on another by adding a little tail parachord - yes, i cut without measuring twice!

    Donyale West
    MY favorite bow sling!

    I seriously will not take this off my bow. I am getting one for my bowfishing bow as well! I got the SLS system for my Hoyt and works perfect. https://youtu.be/7b58c8dv1Lk

    Derek Prafke
    V3 31

    Looks great, fits great and even better customer service! Thanks again for the custom orange and camo.

    Cameron Cunningham
    Good sling for a good price.

    I like the sling it works as advertised. Good quality material. I haven’t got to test it in the field yet but I am looking forward to doing so.