The most innovative bow sling system on the market. It is extremely light-weight, compact and durable. 

  • Comfortably carry your bow hands-free all day long in the backcountry, at the range or at 3D tournaments.
  • Never remove it from your bow. Quickly and quietly shoot with the bow sling still attached.
  • Never again use a hoist rope to raise or lower your bow from your tree stand.
  • Stabilize your binoculars and comfortably glass for big game by hanging your bow around your neck and resting your elbows on the sling.
  • When bow fishing, keep both hands free while recovering your fish.
  • Keep your sling protected while driving your ATV 
  • Great for 3D shooters. Sling your bow and keep both hands free while you pull your arrows, hike the course and wait for the next shot.
  • In an emergency, you have approximately 350' of cordage to help get you out of a jam.