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    The name of a company holds significant meaning, shaping perceptions of its identity and team culture. At Jakt Gear, our customers often ask us two questions:

    How Do You Pronounce It?

    The phonetic spelling of Jakt is /jakt/, which may seem straightforward. In the States, it's pronounced like 'jacked up,' as when you lift a car to change a tire. In Norway and Sweden, however, it's pronounced /yacht/.

    What Does It Mean?

    Jakt embodies a state of complete and intense enthusiasm, exhilaration, or excitement. It represents the pinnacle of being, where limitless possibilities unfold. Interestingly, in Norway and Sweden, Jakt means hunting—a fitting coincidence for a company passionate about the outdoors!

    Taking it a step further, our founders' sons are named Hunter and Jack...mind-blowing, right?


    Who We Are

    JAKT GEAR is more than just a hunting gear company; we are a community of passionate hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Founded by hunters with a deep love for the backcountry, we understand the challenges and joys of the hunt. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative, practical, and durable solutions that enhance your hunting experience.


    What We Are About

    At JAKT GEAR, we are all about empowering hunters with the right gear and knowledge. We believe that with the right equipment, every hunter can make the most of their time in the great outdoors. Our products are designed to solve real-world hunting problems, making your expeditions more fruitful and less cumbersome.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to revolutionize the hunting gear industry by creating products that are not only practical and functional but also durable and reliable. We aim to enhance the hunting experience for outdoor enthusiasts around the world, ensuring they are equipped and empowered for every adventure.


    Our Commitment

    We are committed to excellence, innovation, and community. Our products are designed by hunters, for hunters, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. We are also dedicated to giving back to the community, supporting organizations that promote conservation and outdoor education. At JAKT GEAR, we stand by our products and our customers, ensuring that every hunter is ready for the challenges and joys of the any hunt they are pursuing.