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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Eric Presse
    Honest review

    You guys pretty much have it nailed. Just 2 things I would recommend, fair and foremost I think you need a stronger magnet. But not to strong to where it makes contact noise. Two, I would like to see your own version of the scs, it becomes quite expensive when you have to buy the Mathew’s version plus a sling. Thank you!

    Thanks Eric for taking the time to review our products. You're right, we walk a fine line between using stronger magnets and making noise when using them in the field. We'll definitely pass your suggestion along to our engineers. Regarding the Mathews SCS systems, what you suggested would violate their patent rights. The U.S. is full of great people innovating some amazing products and we respect their intellectual property. If you have any other questions, or suggestions, we really do appreciate hearing from you...all the best!

    Lynn Skibicki

    It is a great product but my magnet is alittle on the weak side it want to unhook itself from the other magnet ever so often. When it holds it stays in place like it should

    David Thomason

    Very well made...

    Richard Wenzel

    We got our slings at our last total archery challenge in utah and loved them great during elk season as well

    Bud Lewis
    At the range bow hangar

    Haven’t had a chance to take it hunting yet but it works great to hang it on the post at the outdoor range vs hanging from the cam or limbs.

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