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    MY SLING-A-LING Magnetic Bow Sling is the only bow sling you never need to remove from your bow. It is hands-down the best bow carry system on the market and is sold in over five-hundred archery pro shops around the world. This is a universal kit, and in one package, it contains everything you need to comfortably and securely carry your bow and lock your sling out of the way during the shot. The original model works on all bow brands/models and is fully adjustable to fit all shooters. The SLS model is designed for Mathews bows equipped with their Silent Connect System (SCS) posts.


    My Sling-a-Ling helps your arms and hands stay more relaxed and less fatigued, which improves shooting form and enables you to remain at full draw longer. It provides the extra edge you need to improve your target scores, or harvest that trophy of a lifetime.  

    Hunt Smarter, Not Harder.