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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    David Staples
    Crossbow installation

    It looks to be of great quality, I’m trying to attach it to a crossbow and I have no idea how to do it. I’ve asked numerous times for a video still get nothing. I think I just like to send it back. How do I go about doing that

    Tony G. (Prescott, US)
    Perfect for my Crossbow

    I hunt out west and had to go to a crossbow this year due to a shoulder replacement. I hike a lot, and frankly a crossbow on a regular rifle sling, with a pack, tripod, and glass pack was just uncomfortable, because of the shape of the crossbow. I bought the JACKT Tactical Sling and kit, what a huge difference. Single point for a quick shot after a stalk, and the two point attachmnet to carry comfortably on the front out of the way of the back pack. It's exactly what I needed! 5 Star service and gear. Highly recommend.

    William Casey (New City, US)
    Ravin R29 Sling choice!

    Needed a sling for my Ravin crossbow. Heavy forward weight made normal shoulder sling hard to manage. JAKT Tactical Sling kit does the trick.

    Andrew Cebello (Newark, US)
    I really like it

    I was at the sportsman show in Harrisburg PA, and went to the JAKT booth. I kinda got talked into the sling that I use on my PSE bow, but I wasn’t really excited about it. It’s sat in an odds and ends cabinet for almost a year, so I decided to just put it on and give it a try. I’ve got to be honest it’s pretty awesome. It makes carrying my bow 100% easier and does not get in the way when I draw back. It doesn’t add any vibration as the magnets hold it securely through the shot. I guess you could say I’m a believer. Get yourself one and I think you’ll agree.

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