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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 102 reviews
    Klaeton Van De Kieft
    Amazing customer service

    When I ordered my sling I forgot to choose a color, they called me and left me a voicemail letting me know I hadn’t chosen a color for my sling. I called them back and we got it taken care of! Excellent customer service, and I can’t believe I bow hunted all these years without this product! It’s a game changer for those long hikes in!

    Stanton Pearson
    The Missing Link

    As a spot and stalk hunter I always want my bow at the ready, but as many of us know carrying a bow around all day will wear out the arms and shoulders. With my sling-a-ling it is easier to carry and readily available and ready to go in seconds. I got the matching wrist sling that makes getting the sling stowed out of the way quick and easy. Save your arms for when it counts.

    jason pierce
    Great product and customer service!

    The sling works great and had a shipping issue which was neither of our faults…one phone call and within a couple of days a new sling was at my door! I cannot say enough about how good of an experience I had with customer service and the quality is top notch!

    Gavin Shenk
    New bow setup completed

    Great system! very convenient and useful. I like not having to remove my sling upon entering a stand. i.e. buttons, snaps and storage. Great for spot/stalk as well.

    Robert Bowers
    Can't be beat! PERFECT!!

    Each year, I venture out to the great West in search of elk. Every year, I try to figure out a better way to carry my bow. Most years it's in one hand, then the other, then over my shoulder, by the string (rarely), around my neck, under my arm, and the list goes on. By the end of 14+ days, you get worn thin. Some years my elbows ache due to joint stress. I've tried a bunch of other bow "slings", but you had to take them off to shoot, and getting them out of the sling was always an ordeal and you had to deal with the sling once it was off. Pain in the rumpus. Fast forward to the Tennessee Total Archery Challenge where I met the owner of Jakt Up. He was super friendly and asked me a few questions about my gear and how I typically carried my bow. After a few minutes and seeing his product, I knew I had to have one. He outfitted my bow and adjusted the magnets and handed it back to me. I shouldered the bow with the sling, and it literally felt like it melted into my side as if the bow wasn't even there!! So I take off for the first course and the next thing I used it for was to put the sling around my neck and use my bow as a platform to rest my elbows on while I glassed a far target in search of the 12 ring. Amazing! I got done with the course, went straight to his booth and bought another for a second bow I had. I just got back from my Colorado hunt which I have been doing since 1996. I have NEVER been so comfortable carrying my bow out there. I got back and ordered two more. Everyone who sees this setup has to have one. Well-built, will last a lifetime and once you use it once or twice, it becomes second nature. I shot the entire TAC there in TN and it NEVER once was in my way or an issue. Buy this, you will not regret it!!