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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 228 reviews
    Gary Bradley
    Will stop arm or hand cramping

    Love this sling. Im in my 50’s and carrying my bow by hand really wears your arm or hands out. Plus frees up your hands for climbing or keeping balance on rough terrain.

    Geoff Brown (Pullman, US)
    Installs well

    After days of carrying my bow around the woods by hand I was super excited to get my sling. It installed well on my Prime bow and carries well. With a quiver full of arrows I had to re-install it to be longer, but it functions great.

    Bradley Evans
    Magnet not strong enough

    I don’t understand how the magnet in the sling isn’t stirring enough to stick and stay on the magnet you attach to the bow, seems like that would be the only issue you would have to worry about as the owner. Crazy to me but I’ll just get another magnet that works and put in the sling myself.

    Brian (Minneapolis, US)
    Great Solution

    My Sling-A-Ling is a great solution to hauling a bow around. Quality materials and well made, a little expensive but best solution to not having to remove you sling from your bow.

    Cory Davis (Bonesteel, US)

    awesome sling< easy to use

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