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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Robert Bowers
    Best bow accessory HANDS DOWN!

    I bought my first Jakt Up sling at the TN Total Archery Challenge. The courses were 5-6 miles long and up and down hills a bunch. At first I thought this would be a great 3D course sling, but once I had on the bow and found out how comfortable and easy it was to use, I bought more for all my hunting setups. This is awesome because you never have to take it off nor worry if it is going to be in the way. Once you get it where you want it, you just forget it is on your bow! Best accessory I’ve ever added to my bow. I won’t be in the woods without one!

    Babes taylor
    Now sling

    I don’t need a line to get in the tree stand anymore! It’s also nice to carry over shoulder and be ready in a few seconds rather than the bulky ones that go over the cams. Nice work

    Kelsie Blevins

    Took it hunting and absolutely loved it! Hands and arms are no longer tired, and you can use both hands to move branches or grab something. It's very easy to move the sling out of the way to shoot, helpful when glassing and you can glass without leaning against a tree! Definitely a game changer and you don't have to remove it!

    Daren Schaller

    Does what it supposed to. It can have a tendency to slip off the shoulder as there is no gripping material.

    Thanks for your review! Depending upon the material of hunting gear you're wearing, backpack materials, and just the general physical build of the hunter, the sling can slide off your shoulder. We have a great product to solve that problem.

    Pack Rats - Backpack Strap Clips. Secure your My Sling-A-Ling Bow Sling to the shoulder strap of your pack with our backpack strap clips for hands-free carry
    Strap management - Neatly roll-up and secure excess webbing out of the way.
    Confidently attach flashlights, hydration tubes, and other gear to your pack for quick, easy access. Below is a link where you can view them in more detail...hope this helps!


    Brandall wood
    Best sling

    Best sling u can get plenty of options to choose from with colors and magnetic options and sling is completely out of the way while shooting targets or that big buck