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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Sling a Ling

    Great quality product and fantastic service!

    Great but can improve

    I like everything about the slinga ling, defiantly a quality piece but wish there was more adjustability with the strap itself so i can make it longer or shorter depending on how I’m hiking

    Hey Steve,
    Thanks for your feedback, we love hearing from our customers! There are several ways you can adjust your sling based on where you attach it and how many times you wrap it. We find most people adjust it once to fit them and that's where they keep it. We regularly fit customers from 6' 11' to 4 and 5 year old kids with this model.

    If you would like adjustability on the fly, you should take a look at our SLS version. It has a nylon strap at the bottom that allows immediate adjustability. Even though we initially designed it to fit the Mathews SCS post system, it works great on any make or model. Give us a call at 802.448.2663 and we'd love to walk you through it. Thanks again for supporting our company!

    Great sling

    I can’t say anything other than JAKT GEAR Sling is a very good product. I have one on all 4 of my bows. I like them mainly because you don’t even know the bow has a sling on it until you need the sling. Most slings gotta be removed from the bow to shoot it. Not this one not to mention it’s light weight and many colors to choose from. Add to the mix it’s an American owned company and you’re supporting veterans when purchasing their products. Win Win as far as I’m concerned. You won’t regret buying this sling!!!!!!

    Great sling

    I was a like skeptical when I first heard of it because I didn’t understand the concept but after I saw one in action I immediately ordered one and it works great

    I’ve yet to receive it

    I’m sure it will be a quality product when it come in.